10x10x12 Pink Castle Bounce

This Pink Castle will satisfy the fantasies of every little princess out there. It is beautifully designed with a pink and purple color theme that is sure to stand out in everyone's eye. The entertainment will never stop with a Pink Castle bounce house around, it is a classic ride that is fun and suitable for all occasions. It is the perfect touch to every little girl's party.

23 Foot Dry Slide

Specifically designed for use indoors. Whether a low ceiling is the problem or just concerned about the weather conditions outside, this Indoor Unit will serve as the solution. It is great for any occasion. It gives you the full bounce house experience without the height.
Dimensions 14x16x8

10x10x12 Castle Bounce

This classic bounce house is recognized by everyone, whether they have enjoyed one themselves, rented one for a party or simply seen one set up for a neighborhood party. The design of the Castle bounce house is made to spark that sense of familiarity and recognition of a fun product. This castle bounce is designed with its traditional yellow, red and blue color theme. ​Be sure to have a Castle bounce house as an attraction for any event, it is sure to satisfy.

15x15 Moon Bounces

book double the fun with our combo!

21x13x14 Sports Bounce Combo

​​The Lite Combo rides are a great alternative to simple bounce house inflatables. Along with a 13'x13' bounce house that includes a basketball hoop for extra fun activity, the EZ Sports Combo is fitted with a 6-foot tall exit slide. 

Bounce Houses For Rent

Combo Bounce Houses

Come along and slide down this fantastic new ride! Slide, glide, Slippity Slide, everybody on your block is going to love this ride. The Slippity Slide can be used as a dry slide, but it wont be living up to its name unless you add some water. It has a 6-inch deep splash zone at the end of the 6 foot slide which makes for a fun exit. It's flexibility allows you to use it both indoors and out.
​Dimensions 18x10x12

Splish Splash Fun for Everyone!

15x15x14 Castle Bounce

This large Castle 2 moonwalk is 360-degrees of brilliant and joyful regal fun for all young royalty! This majestic moonwalk is fit for any king or queen, with colors of blue, green, red, yellow and orange, along with four tall spires to make any palatial party a success.

Water Slides and Dry Slides

​Don't let the weather stop the fun....Lets move the party indoors!

15x15x13.5 Sports Bounce

​​Kick off any party or event with a Sport Arena bounce house. This is a great attraction for sports lovers. This 15'x15' Sport Arena has plenty of space for up to six participants to bounce, jump, hop, skip, roll and run around to their heart's content. Like any bounce house, this one is fun and suitable for any occasion, especially sports events or sport themed parties.

Indoor Bounce House

10x10 Moon Bounces

Themed Moon Bounces

When the weather gets hot and everyone wants to cool off, there is no better way to do so than with a quality Water Slide. This ride features an attractive aquatic inspired blue and white color scheme that will surely attract gazes from everyone. The Water Slide is a rear entry slide that guides riders up a wall to the top of an eight foot tall slide.

Dimensions 33x9x14

15x15x15 Hot Air Balloon Bounce

​Lift everyone's spirits and balloon their excitement towards the sky with our Hot Air Balloon bounce house. This ride features a 15'x15' bounce house for everyone to bounce, jump, hop, skip, roll and run around in as they please. The Hot Air Balloon is a fun ride that is suitable for all occasions.

21x13x15 Girls Castle Bounce Combo

Our Princess Combo. This ride is a perfect fit for the little princesses that fantasize about their own castles and knights. Even with an attached 6-foot tall slide and a basketball hoop accompanying its 13'x13' bounce house.

inflatables, the ideal portable amusements for parents and children. Let us provide the fun for your next event.

All Bouncers are measured LxWxH